About the Program

ACSLC in conjunction with the State House News Service, recognizes that running for office starts with you, and works with you on the early preparation; knowing why you are running and what you are running for….
how you begin, person by person, and step-by-step. Be your best candidate to bring your leadership and voice for your community and win.

  • This nonpartisan program begins with a lively, contemporary and interactive visiting of the Declaration of Independence and our US Constitution which provide the enduring and historic framework for where your candidacy begins.
  • Getting Started: Campaign Logistics for the candidate; Qualifying for the ballot, Establishing a Campaign Account and Campaign Committee, and Nomination Papers, and….
  • Expert faculty, who have won elections, and have been effective leaders-will demonstrate how to campaign and be comfortable at coffee hours, community events, and how to plan and optimize door knocking.
  • Social media and your online presence discussions with an expert industry professional will inform and develop your natural candidate and campaign skills for your effective public service.
  • Understanding coalition campaigning across party lines, and connecting with supporters to maximize your fundraising. ACSLC helps you create and deliver your campaign stump speech. Learn to navigate the campaign trail, even during controversy with authentic poise and confidence with the ‘hands on’ faculty.
  • The ACSLC mentors Immigrant Americans to run for office with confidence to victory.

Be your best candidate and learn from experienced coaches who have had winning campaigns, to better connect to the voters, grow your campaign and raise the quality and content of politics in your community and beyond.

Future training is being scheduled and will be announced.

Meet the Faculty and Staff……

Curriculum and Tuition…..$179

(includes tuition, continental breakfast and lunch each day.) On Saturday a complimentary tour of the American Democracy Exhibit at the Commonwealth Museum. Parking is Free.

Also included; a complimentary ninety day (90) subscription to the State House News Service, candidate curriculum articles and campaign materials, including; RUN: Your Personal Guide to Winning Public Office, signed by the author, Marian Walsh.

Scholarships are Available.
Parking is Free.

ACSLC Certificates are awarded at the close of the training Program.