Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

I want to thank you for including me in your American Campaign School and Leadership Camp. It is an exceptional program that positions everyone for political success. I believe that communities across the United States should have this program because it creates engaged, confident and informed citizens. It should go national! The environment at the Campaign School was extremely welcoming. Everyone felt comfortable to share their ideas. I met so many friendly and inspirational people there that I am sure I will stay in contact with, including you.


I would recommend this for anyone, even for the person who doesn’t want to run for office, to at least have the knowledge because I remember Mr. Martin Sandler said during yesterday’s class, “Knowledge is power” If you know a lot, you will be a powerful person, and there is nothing better than knowledge.


I came to the ACSLC because I wanted to learn the fundamentals of running for office, and I’m pleased to say that I learned a lot of practical skills to help me in running in the future.

I would say that (the ACSLC) showed me quite honestly, that running for office is possible. The practical advice that I received, but also often times (we think) that politicians are often self-centered, but I really saw a humanistic approach to running for office and it was refreshing to see that it still exists.

I would absolutely recommend the ACSLC, if you want to learn quick, practical skills to help you in running for office, that this is the program for you. It doesn’t matter if your Republican, Democrat, or whatever, you will learn something, and you will come out a better person in the process.


I think that (the ACSLC) provides resources, provides information on things that I didn’t have the first time around when I ran for the first time. I was kind of lost, and this (course) helps you to at least put it all together, get the thoughts down on paper knowing what you need to do and how to be organized and how to be able to run a good campaign.

The faculty were fantastic, the people that (the ACSLC) brought in were experienced individuals who have done this before, some of them for several years, some of them masters at what they do, and to have that knowledge and be able to take that knowledge and put it into your own campaign is worth every single dime that I paid for the course.


When you came to the United States, you heard about liberty, a country where you could do everything you want, but you start to find that there are some doors closed, and you don’t know how exactly how you can open those doors.

Coming here, you start to see that the doors are closed, but not locked. You find some tools to understand not only how you can open the door, but to learn that you can open the door and go through that door, and start to build a different kind of life for your country.

I would recommend the ACSLC for people coming to this country, and for people living in this country, that it is an important tool. I believe we have to do something as a society to teach everybody that we have to take in our hands, the history of this country. You have a responsibility in this country to do something for the people that were born here, and for the people that are coming to this country.


I’m originally from Columbia, but I came here from New York. (I came to the ACSLC) because I wanted to learn how to run a campaign and how to become a leader, and I came here with part of an organization called MIRA USA, and we are working right now on a campaign for my country.


I think it’s one of the best schools. I’ve done a lot of this type of training, but I like this one because it is non-partisan.

The media class was the best one I’ve ever had, and coalition building is one of the best ones I’ve had.

I would recommend the ACSLC because it is affordable, it is right here in the city (of Boston), it is non-partisan, and it has the best faculty ever.