Where Your Candidacy Begins: The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.
Martin W. Sandler

The framework for our democracy and government are provided in these, the first public policy initiatives for early Americans; the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. An accomplished historian with a lively and interactive presentation will inform and inspire ACSLC candidates, as they seek to serve the citizens of contemporary America. Mr. Sandler will discuss the rich legacy born of the creative and courageous leadership of early American patriots.

Getting Started; Early Preparation, Building Your Team,………….
W. Paul White

The road to candidacy is personal and starts with you, and what matters to you. What office you
RUN for and Win requires understanding campaign logistics for the candidate; qualifying for the ballot, establishing a campaign account, nomination papers…..learning about good voter lists for your race and carefully building your team, one person at a time. A campaign runs on people that you meet on the campaign trail at coffee hours, door knocking and community events. Develop
and inform your natural campaign and leadership skills for your effective public service.

Campaigning in the Community; Coffee Hours, Door Knocking, Standouts
    Faculty and Session Details to be Announced


Press/Media ‘101’ and Your Candidacy
Craig Sandler

Even in the age of social media, candidates still need the traditional news outlets – and the tradition news outlets need them. If you’re going to be an effective candidate, you must manage this relationship well. Craig Sandler, who’s covered candidates and campaigns for 25 years, talks about what reporters expect from candidates, and what to expect from reporters. How do you build a good relationship with the local paper that will cover you? What makes a good press release? How do you keep yourself visible and viable in the paper’s coverage? Sandler will cover these basics and some thornier questions such as dealing with inaccurate reporting, going on and off the record, and leaking stories during the campaign. He’ll lead a crash course in the real world of campaign press relations.

Practice Your Two Minute Stump Speech
Faculty Panel

With experienced faculty who have RUN for office and won, and who have reported on candidates and campaigns, create, practice and develop your stump speech. Connect with voters and have them connect with and know you. Build a winning campaign to serve your community with a powerful voice and effective leadership.


Date: Saturday, November 15th (8 am – 12:30 Continental Breakfast Provided)
Location: Commonwealth Museum, at Columbia Point, Boston, MA 02125

Immigrant Americans Running for Office: with Confidence to Victory.
Rick Quiroga

Stepping up to the Challenge – a personal story of opportunity, politics and success. When I first arrived to the U.S. at the age of 17, I was living in two worlds one rooted in a Peruvian and Indian culture, and in the other in the United States. After 20 years, my American social mores and experiences have contributed additional roots, creating a stronger foundation.From these experiences, I focused on getting things done. I committed to civic participation and other opportunities just like so many other Americans. I realized that I needed to master the American political system, to step out as a leader; and not be afraid of discrimination and anti-immigrant policies. I worked and supported candidates for elected office and they won.

I founded Casa Esperanza to treat Latino’s with substance abuse disorders in Boston over twenty five years ago. It has grown and grown as a non profit organization, and is a good employer. All of this, and more, is possible because of grass roots politics, and I can show you how.

Social Media; Your Candidacy and Your Online Presence
Kathryn Rose

Want to run for office and win? Effective use of internet and social media are fast becoming the most important tools in a candidate’s toolbox. Ignore them at your peril.In this session, you will discover the steps to successful internet based personal branding campaign. How to set up your social profiles to only put your best foot forward and a crash course in which social media tools can help you to achieve your goals. We’ll also discuss how to (or how not to) deal with “trolls” and detractors. Build your relationships and build your community and candidacy with common sense and effective use of the social media.

Coalition Campaigning: Growing Allies and Partnerships Across Party Lines.
Virginia Buckingham

“You never know where your next coalition is coming from.” That was the mantra of Massachusetts Governor William Weld, the first Republican in 20 years elected governor of the traditionally Democrat state in 20 years when he won office in 1990. Drawing on her experience as chief of staff to two Republican governors (Weld and Gov. Paul Cellucci), in this session Buckingham will use real-world political and policy case studies to illustrate the power and necessity of bipartisanship and coalition building to successful candidacies leading to effective governing. Topics covered include ; the art and science of winning and amplifying endorsements as well as identifying and shepherding the different electoral paths to victory – what is your winning voter coalition?

Fundraising ‘101’: Connecting With Voters.
Marian Walsh

Fundraising is another form of campaigning; meeting and connecting with voters. Marian will show you how to be comfortable with raising money to support your candidacy for public service.You, too will learn how to keep it simple, personal and organized. Marian discusses candidate fundraising techniques; choosing a treasurer, thank you notes, integrated lists, and many examples that bring results and grow your campaign.

Wrap Up and Graduation Certificates Awarded