Success Story Details – “Michael Walsh”

Graduate Victories

Michael Walsh

The American Campaign School and Leadership Camp, proudly announces that a recent graduate in the inaugural class has RUN for public office and won!

Michael F. Walsh in a hotly contested race for Westwood Selectman, captured over 53% of the vote,
and credits the training at the ACSLC as an important part of his victory.

Quote from Michael on the ACSLC 2013 Graduates facebook page,
“I am happy to report that ACSLC has its first success story.
Yesterday, I was elected to the Town of Westwood’s Board of Selectmen.
There is no replacement (for) hard work and GOTV. Thank you for your support and advice. Happy to be a graduate of ACSLC!”

ACSLC faculty member Marian Walsh congratulated Michael on his victory,
“Dear Selectman- Elect Michael Walsh, My heartiest Congratulations to you, your wife and family, and the discerning voters of Westwood!
The people and businesses of Westwood have in you a strong voice for their concerns and hopes with your commitment, integrity, humor and work ethic.
We at the American Campaign School and Leadership Camp could not be more grateful and proud!”

The election results and Michael’s statement from the ACSLC Facebook Page:

Michael Walsh Elected to Selectmen in Westwood May 1st 2014