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Meet (some of) the Faculty:

Martin W. Sandler

Martin W. Sandler

Martin W. Sandler, An expert on American democracy is an accomplished and engaging writer, educator, historian and producer of television programs, opens our candidate training with “Where Your Candidacy Begins: The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.”

Mr. Sandler, a two time Pulitzer Prize nominee; Golden Cine Award, recipient of the Boston Globe/Horn Book Award, and seven Emmy Awards has a special interest in the magical and human story of American democracy. His writing connects us with the immigrant American as well as the great Presidencies of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. The ACSLC students will be inspired and informed by lively and relevant presentation of Martin W.Sandler.

William B. Vernon

William B. Vernon

William B. Vernon has served as the State Director of the 8,000 member-Massachusetts Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business – a small business advocacy group – since May, 1999. Mr. Vernon previously served in several senior management positions at the Massachusetts State Lottery.

An attorney, Mr. Vernon was elected to represent the First Bristol District as a Republican in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1982. The Reagan recession election, Vernon was able to hold the nominally Republican seat by a margin of 298 votes out of 15,002 cast – almost exactly 51-49. Vernon served on various legislative committees, including Judiciary, Transportation, Third Reading and Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Committees. After serving in the legislature for nine years, he became the Director for Intergovernmental Affairs at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. He subsequently became Executive Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party from 1994 to 1997, presiding over the party during the reelections of Republican statewide officeholders Governor Weld, Lt. Governor Cellucci, and Treasurer Malone. In 1989, Vernon became a director of Mansfield Bank and was elected Chairman of the Board at the bank in 2004.

Mr. Vernon is a 1973 graduate of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, and received his J.D. degree from Boston University School of Law in 1976. He lives in Norton, Massachusetts and has two children.

W. Paul White: Getting Started; Early Preparation, Building Your Team,……….

W Paul White

W. Paul White is a Principal in the Boston, MA government relations firm The Karol Group, Inc. An attorney for 39 years, White served eight terms in the Massachusetts House and five terms in the Massachusetts Senate chairing committees in both branches and serving in leadership as well. As House Chairman of the Joint Committee on Criminal Justice, White shepherded the statute codifying the Committee for Public Counsel Services in 1984.

As a legislator, he was an active participant and leader of the Council of State Governments. He served as national Chairman of CSG in 1991. He joined The Karol Group, Inc. in 2001 following four years as an Associate Vice President at Boston College, his undergraduate alma mater. He also holds masters degrees from SUNY Albany and Harvard University along with his Suffolk Law School J.D. White graduated from Suffolk Law School in 1973.

He is a member of the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) and also serves as a board member for St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children (SMCWC) and Family Aid Boston (FAB).

White is married to Dr. Caroline White, Retired Superintendent of the Millis Public Schools. They reside in Dover, Massachusetts.

Craig Sandler: Press/Media ‘101’ and Your Candidacy

Craig Sandler

As reporter, then editor, then owner and general manager of the State House News Service in Boston, Craig Sandler has been following Massachusetts politics and policy since 1988.  More than a century old, the News Service is the state’s most respected in-depth source of state government coverage.  Sandler is also the general manager of the News Service of Florida, which he founded in 2008.  He also is publisher of the Almanac of Massachusetts Politics, a comprehensive guide to the people who run the Commonwealth. In addition to work on technical and business development, he trains and coaches the News Service’s developing young reporters, many of whom have joined the region’s leading journalism and communications organizations.  A 2000 graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Sandler has been a contributor to the school’s alumni magazine.  He published his first book, “The Illustrated Timeline of Inventions,” in 2007.  Prior to acquiring the News Service, he covered politics for the Sun of Lowell and for the TAB Newspapers in Massachusetts.

Ricardo L. Quiroga: “Immigrant Americans Running for Office: with Confidence to Victory.”

Joseph Robotham

Rick, was born in Peru and immigrated to Boston, MA as a Young adult. A natural leader, Rick soon became a forcé in Massachusetts; learning english, becoming a citizen and navigating City and State politics and grass roots community building.

Ricardo (Rick) Quiroga became the founder and Executive Director of Casa Esperanza, Inc., a bilingual, bicultural recovery treatment center for substance abusers. Since its Incorporation and Rick has overseen the growth and development of the agency. Rick worked with the community, local agencies and city and state officials to spearhead an effort to provide culturally appropriate treatment for Latinos in Massachusetts.

Rick is the founder of a Neighborhood Association and a Crime Watch group called “The Eustis, Dunmore, and George Streets Neighborhood Association,” which has won many awards from the City of Boston and the Boston Police.

Presently Rick is a Legislative Consultant. In FY’2012-13, he successfully Lobby Legislators to fund treatment for “individuals and families living with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders”.

Rick holds a Master’s in Education from Cambridge College. He lectures on issues regarding non-profit development and management; community organizing and civic engagement.

Kathryn Rose: Social Media: Your Candidacy and Your Online Presence

Kathryn Rose

Kathryn is an author, speaker and social media strategist and trainer with clients ranging from multi-million dollar corporations, to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Kathryn’s experience includes SEO and online reputation management. She has a 20+ year career in sales and marketing and helps her clients achieve maximum visibility online. Kathryn is a graduate of Mount Saint Mary College, New York.

Prior to her career in social media marketing, Kathryn was a top Wall Street sales executive, responsible for over $100m in sales per year.  She is a sought after speaker and trainer on using social media for maximum online visibility and using online marketing, social media and search engine optimization. Kathryn is the author of 9 books on social media and online marketing including:
The Step by Step Guides to: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, SEO/Video Marketing
The Parent’s Guide to Facebook
The Grandparent’s Guide to Facebook
The Facebook Teen Safety Guide
Solving the Social Media Puzzle – Amazon best seller
Return on Relationship

Virginia Buckingham: Coalition Campaigning: Growing Allies and Partnerships Across Party Lines

Virginia Buckingham

Virginia Buckingham spent two decades engaged neck-deep in Massachusetts’ boisterous politics. At age 24, she joined long-shot candidate Bill Weld’s campaign for governor, serving as a press aide. In 1994, she became Weld’s chief spokesperson crafting political and policy messaging.

In 1996, when she was 31, Weld asked her to run his upstart campaign against longtime U.S. Senator John Kerry. That race is still viewed as a classic political contest featuring 9 statewide debates. When Weld returned to the State House after the loss, he brought on Buckingham as his chief of staff.

Following Weld’s resignation in 1997, Governor Paul Cellucci asked her to remain in the role, and Buckingham helped him assemble a winning coalition and effective messaging for his close win over a popular Democratic officeholder in 1998.

Cellucci appointed her to lead Massport, the first woman to hold that position, which is an independent state authority running leading transportation facilities, including Logan Airport, sited in the heart of urban (read: Democratic) neighborhoods.

In 2003, Buckingham joined the state’s conservative metro daily newspaper, the Boston Herald, as the Deputy Editorial Page Editor writing a bylined political column in 2005, frequently reminding state and federal leaders about the value of bipartisanship. Buckingham is a valued political commentator on Boston’s ABC affiliate, WCVB-TV and is a national public affairs senior director for Pfizer, Inc. She is also currently working on a memoir about her role at Logan Airport on 9/11 and the aftermath.

Buckingham, a Boston College graduate is married to Massachusetts Superior Court Judge David Lowy and they have two children. You can follow her @virginiabuckin1.

Marian Walsh: Fundraising ‘101’: Connecting With Voters.

Marian Walsh

Marian Walsh a successful fundraiser and candidate, first ran for a seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1988 as a political unknown. She won. Walsh was subsequently elected to another term in the house and then served nine consecutive terms in the Massachusetts state senate until 2011. She never lost an election. Marian is the founder of the American Campaign School and Leadership Camp in conjunction with the State House News Service……., and author of RUN: Your Personal Guide to Winning Public Office.

Marian will show you how to be comfortable with raising money to support your candidacy for public service, and how to keep it simple, personal and organized. Marian discusses candidate fundraising techniques in detail with examples that bring results and grow your campaign

The first woman to hold both her house and senate seats, she also held ranking positions including Majority Whip. Walsh an attorney, served as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston ushering in novel and effective programming to reduce crime and save revenue which are still in effect. Walsh has been nominated for the prestigious John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award, honoring those in public service “who, acting in accord with their conscience, risk their careers by pursuing a larger vision….” a graduate of Newton College of the Sacred Heart, Suffolk University Law School, and Harvard Divinity School, she is currently a public affairs consultant and leadership coach as well as a lecturer of ethics and leadership at Northeastern University and resides in Massachusetts with her husband, Paul V. Buckley. Marian is also a member of the American Political Science Association.


Joseph Robotham: ACSLC Computer Specialist for Students/Candidates

Joseph Robotham

Joseph Robotham, a computer tech expert and teacher, tutors clients on a vast selection of topics ranging from basic e-mail functions to recording and editing video and audio. Joe’s 12 years of experience in computer technology includes Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, as well as e-mail programs such as Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook. Joe Robotham, a Cape Cod native, is a graduate of Sturgis Charter School and Hampshire College.